Hi, I am Neeraj. I am a UX Designer and a Computer Engineer.

I currently work as a software engineer at Lockheed Martin. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I studied Architecture for a year and have been graphic designing for 6 years. Iʼm a passionate User Experience Designer with knowledge in the user-centered design. I advocate for user needs through planning, design and implementation ensuring all output reflects a solid understanding of UX principles. I have a strong desire to inspire creativity, innovative thinking and offer compelling solutions that translate into building worldclass interactive experiences and products across all digital platforms. I like tinkering with art and technology.

Personal Projects

Google New Look

UX Design

JD Accounting


Linking Faces to Names

User Experience Design

Zara Website Concept

UI Design

Baby App

Interaction Design

Calorie Calculator

Interaction Design

Photoshop and Graphic Work

Logo Design


Arc de Triomphe


Procreate iPad Drawing

Digital Art



2 years of experience with User Research, Contextual Inquiry, Game Research, Usability Evaluation, and Data Analysis.


3 years of experience in Visual Design, primarily focusing on User Interface Design. Skilled at design and prototyping tools.


Programming experience with Python, C, and HTML.

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240.566.2353 | Washington, DC